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Basic Calculator

Basic Calculator

At a time when the complexity is viewed as a charity and a degree in computer science, it’s probably not a bad idea, sometimes nice to get back to basics. Basic calculator in this regard is a breath of fresh air. It’s just like a calculator can not be abak.Getasovrshenoneprijatno in appearance, and in the course of work. The main calculator pure simplicity.

What do you need a calculator?

The interface consists of a square that contains 17 buttons, a numeric keypad, a button for a decimal point, «C» button to clear aposhnyuyurazliki with four keysfor frequently used mathematical functions and, finally, the most important thing, “equal” sign. Sequence Manipulation of these keys allows the user to perform an infinite number of calculations, since they are not related skladanagaad nothing more than a simple multiplication or division.The most obvious application of this device will be simple for people yechastkovo buttons are large and easy to read, making it easier to use a mouse or screen dopir.Isto will also be a good first calculator child tolkipachynae his magical journey through mathematics.

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The basic calculator is a pleasant return to the simplicity of early programs.If computer is all you need to do – to make a shopping list, it’s great.