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Black Panther 2018

Black Panther 2018

T’Challa, after the death of his father, King Vacand, returns to the desert of a developing country in Africa to succeed on the throne and succeed him as king. After the events of Captain America: Civil War, King T’Challa returned home worthy, technologically advanced Vacand to serve his new leader in the country. However, T’Challa found that he challenged the throne in a team in his own country. When two brothers try to destroy them in Vacand, the hero is known asBlack Panther, Everett K. Ross to collaborate with police officer Dora Milaje, Wakanadan, to prevent him from waking the World War.

The Black Panther of the next TChalla, which, after the events of Captain America: Civil War, returns home to an African country, nominates African Holiday to replace it. Like a king However, when the old enemies reappear on the radar, Tgalal Metalus, as King and Black Panther, will be tested upon entering immortality, which puts the wholeage and universal parts of Vacand.

Black PantherSet after “Captain America: Civil War”, T’Challa returns to Vakand as king of this country, but finds his work, described by competing groups and certain conflicts in his country that can affect non-Wakandan countries. Black Panther has little choice, besides being accompanied by agents Everett C. Ross and Dora Milaye, Empty Special Forces to stop authorities from being drawn into world war.


Subtitle: Na

Classification: NO

Publication: February 15, 2018

Genre: drama / science fiction

Duration: not available

Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures

Players: Chadwick Bozeman, MichaelB. Jordan, Niongo, Dany Jackes Gurier, Martin Freeman, Daniel Kaloya, Leticia Wright, Winston Duke, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Andy Serkis

Director: Ryan Kugler

Format: 2D