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Recuva 32-Bit Download



Recuva is the most useful user recovery file that happens most often than you think, no matter how you read your computer. So, it always advisable to have such a toolRecuva. With Recuva you can recover deleted files from your computer, USB storage device, MP3 player, or even a memory card from your image (“review-app-page-Desktop”)}; Very effective masterful recovery effectively eliminates all the difficulties of finding your files.You only need to choose the type of file you want to restore (pictures, emails, videos, etc.), and where, maybe (spam, memory, etc.). After Recuvas is complete, you will see a list of recoverable files that can be sorted in several ways or search with a specified filtering tool.Then select only the files you want to restore and you are ready, Recuva is just a software tool and can not work. Before you use the program before deleting the file, you will be able to recover it.Also, try to save other drivers: it boosts it. You have deleted free important files for free: Try Recuva and you can recover it! Delete the file

Controls are usually expressed with filters

Previous support forWindows 8 has been added

Increase BartPE Support (Added new folder)

Fixed problems with decreasing problems

Recovering files that are compressed from non-standard discs

Many people use small internet

AddLatvian Adds search content for specific text in deleted files

Determines the regular expression with filtereddocument

Previously supported for Windows 8 added

Increase BartPE Support (Added new folder)

Solve problematic problems

Recovering files that are compressed from non-standard discs

Many people use small internet

The Latvian language increased


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Toolkit For Facebook 64bit portable Download Torrent

Toolkit For Facebook

Toolkit For Facebook

Toolkit For Facebook, there is a Chrome extension that you can install for free in your Chrome browser. It has a series of Facebook tools, and the most useful is the automation tool and series of automated tools. Series control tools are a great stove if you want to reshape your condition seriously. Facebook’s profile and controls save a lot of time. At the moment, if you want to find a bunch of people, you need to go to your Facebook profile and find every person by hand, but with Toolkit For Facebook,you can,if you like, separate all your friends immediately. You can nod it from pages with one batch tool and control that you have also linked. Combined controls also allow you to delete a large number of comments and reject all your friend’s requests at the same time. Automatic features allow you to post multiple groups immediately, post on your Facebook page and become a Facebook group administrator who currently does not have administrators. There are also toolsPayment built inside this extension, as well as theability to remove group IDs, user IDs, consumer volunteers, and things about it (function () {(‘reviev-app-page-desktop’);) ); Suitable for people who handle Facebook for marketing. A Facebook Toolkit is suitable for people who handle Facebook to increase their popularity. The usual trick is to love your friends and follow a bunch of people at the same time. Then give them time to follow before they discover, unlike them,and enemies. Using this tool you can restore all the things you did quickly, so that youcan start accidentally after and to admire what others have written. It’s cheap, but the usual way to build popularity on Facebook, and this tool helps make the process much faster and more efficient.


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Spintires torrent download



Spintires SUV is a game capable of driving. These heavy and heavy trucks are difficult to move and are designed to make bruises and tough forests. If you have enough patience to control this mechanical world, it’s a great game.

(function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); The truck uses 30 liters of fuel per minute

The purpose of the spintires is reasonable: move the load of wood from one point to another. Where is the challenge? Now the mudflow, the river, the plantsandThere are “roads” that are covered with dirt. The trucks are huge, heavy and tough, and you have to be patient, but the trucks need to be close to the real truck which is one of the best Spintires simulators. I have tried some time. You must be careful with the driver, with four-wheel drive and different keys. Over time you will know how to use the cable and you can carry the cable to the trees, from any of the remaining nasty holes. To release Even difficult, you alwayscan change the vehicle and connect it to the mud (you often need to do it). It seems to be used to pick up third trucks and trucks. It’s very fun, especially when it takes half an hour to reach the second truck. In addition, you need to control the volume of vehicles and the amount of gas vehicles. Some of these giants take 30 liters per minute a minute! When you get out, you know what to do: Call it from the chicken; It is very important to investigate and see what isthere is. If you have different types in your truck, you can set your own extra points of interest such as trailers, cranes, bigger loads and fuel tanks.

Driving the trotter.The problem solving game is dizzy and difficult. It takes some time to control it with the keyboard and mouse. However, it allows acceleration at the same time, to change direction and use the skull. The hardest part can be used with the cameraweird (you can continue) mouse).

Very realistic in terms of physics, Spintires surprised everyone’s chart. Realistic real truck in nature, moves, swings and chugs sometimes play video games when you’re forgotten. Similarly with smoke and mud movements (heavy and ugly), a realistic physics must be taken into account. For example, load loads allow trucks to sink in mud if they are too long. When you hit trees and branches, they actas in real life. In general, Spintires are very realistic.

MachDistance for old combustion is not very original, but technically very successful. The game is fairly consistent with the menu, userIn the interface and control, but also the truck that you serve. However Spintires are very funny, but you need patience and nerves;

Note: Note that additional software in the Spintires installation process will be offered. If you do not install additional software,we suggest you deactivate the appropriate box.


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AVG Internet Security 2017 torrent

AVG Internet Security 2017

AVG Internet Security 2017

AVG Internet Security 2017 (x64x86) Multilingual

AVG Internet Security 2017 – the latest version of the built-in AVV 2015 antivirus program that you can download and test. In addition to further enhancing the security features and performance improvement solutions, new features have been added that allow safe and permanent removal of files from the hard disk. This function is available in the context menu of file and folder formats. Because this new version introduces many changes and improvements for the entire virus, the developer offersinstallation and testing of AVG Anti Virus 2014 antivirus program to test its operation.

Main component:

– Antivirus for antispyware

– Anti-Rootkit

– Protection of Surf-Shield network

– Online Shield Site

– Privacy statement

– Identity notification

– E-mail scanner

– Anti-spam

– Personal firewall

– PC Analyst

– Data warehouse

– Additional elements

The most important security function on the Internet 2017:

– Everyone I can use to keep all my needs safe

– Delete the informationmost sensitive permanently

– Encryption and file storage for additional privacy

– The basic equipment you need to control who can see and use what you do online

– Last protection of credit card numbers, bank details or other personal data sent via the Internet

– Computers are faster and faster, because antivirus programs never should not slow down.

– To get the best movie viewing experience

BethNowo Versi version

Interfaceupdated users A clean and simple interface of the new interface makes monitoring all security layers easier than ever

Scan Scanning Your computer is now looking for malware, unwanted toolbars and browser extensions, and computer performance issues in one click

Choose this in-depth choice, to accurately target hidden threats with longer and more intensive scanning of entire computers

Identify more threatseither I’ve seen, send malicious software to our servers for deeper analysis, analyze it quickly, make improvements to millions of users to ensure their protection

Users of performance scanning have a free scanning function to check how their computers work. They have the option of Buy TuneUp AVG separately if you find a problem

What’s new?




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Office Professional Plus 2016 Damilo Torrent

Office Professional Plus 2016

Office Professional Plus 2016

================================================== ================================ RATON DOWNLOAD

================================================== =================================

Office Professional Plus 2016 AIO Janeiro 2017


, – ~ ^ ^ -, _,

/ / ^, /

/ / / /

/ / / /

/ / / /

/ .-: ” -, _ / / /

_, .- ^^

/ ^ / /:..___ .;

// / ^ /

/ / / /

/ / / /

/ _, .–: * //

^ ^: ^ (RATON)

Updated by Janeiro 2017 Português Brasil

Comrades from Brazil comparepart of the archeological sketch!

================================================== ================================= RATON DOWNLOAD

================================================== =================================

Launch site:

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 February2018 (x86 / x64) + Crack

Welcome to the new version of Microsoft Office 2016 – upgrading one of the most important productsthe company. Microsoft Office 2016 is a great illustration of how the approach to document creation and collaboration has changed. Many of us start working on a computer, he continues on the other hand, but shows the third, trying to make minor changes to your laptop, tablet or evensmartphone That’s why Office 2016 worked on a different concept. Almost all of the main elements of this project are designed from the outset, and the applications are focused on the workforce, regardless of the hardware platform. They are designed to provide the standard functionality of any device,automatic interface configuration with current screen settings and available system resources.

Microsoft Office 2016 Select Edition includes:

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016

MicrosoftAccess 2016

Microsoft Excel2016

Microsoft InfoPath 2016

Microsoft OneDrive for Business in 2016

Microsoft OneNote 2016

MicrosoftOutlook 2016

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

Microsoft Publisher2016

Skype for business in 2016

Microsoft Word for 2016

Must know which local company is generic? Lol on the road



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Free Live TV FastDL Free Download Torrent

Free Live TV

Free Live TV

Free Living Television is a piece of software that allows thousands of TV channels from around the world to gain access to full and legal access. Watch TV channels from any computer or laptop using only the application and fast connection toThe internet Therefore, scenes are web feeds, and their subsequent shows are always updated.

Television and radio everywhere at any time

Free Live TV provides access to the channels of virtually every broadcasting country. As with TV channels, you can also listen to this radio station byaround the world. Being a web application, you can easily see all the channels you would like, wherever you are. Another key feature is the preferred way to store the list of channels you want to view, without having to start a search at any time. Each channel also showsa bit of a stream that allows the user to have an idea of ​​quality before making a choice.

Entertainment Unpacking “On the Road”

Free online TV is a great way to view almost every channel you want without having to pay a regular subscription. This is absolutely legaland good quality, which is provided by fast Internet access. The software offers entertainment from different countries.

Free IP TV with software that allows you to use the online TV mode of a PC on a PC. Although there are several other wayswatching TV online, free IP TV offers a lot more experience.

Multi-Channel Help

The program supports many online TV protocols that gives you access to content from around the world. Free IPTV is the perfect solution if you want toAn international representative of your region did not go through channels of usual for some reason. Free IP is a great TV broadcast, as well as a more modern way to use TV content. If you’re tired of rheolaiddCynnwys, I’d like to see somethingnew property may come to save them is free. The tool is constantly updated and evolving, which means that codecs and new channels are added to the database whenever possible.

Broadcast of high quality

Thanks to the rich video codec programs, you can see high-qualityspeech Almost all protocols are supported, including IPTV, RTMP, H264 and MMS. At this stage, you can see the channel that was born in different countries. There are different categories of channels, such as movie, sports, documentary, and music. The interface is very useful, with a list of channelsautomatically updated. Also, a free IPTV supports streaming video that is used on television broadcasts on the Internet.


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Task Manager DeLuxe download

Task Manager DeLuxe

Task Manager DeLuxe

The DeLuxe Task Manager is a great alternative to the standard Task Manager that is part of Windows.

If you find that the default task manager is a bit disappointing, DeLuxe Task Manager offers a host of advanced monitoring and features that will allow you to manage your PC. Although the majorityUsers simply open the Task Manager to stop the non-responsive applications; its Deleux Manager is not just a killer program but also offers powerful features such as checking the registry keys.

TaskManagerDeLuxe does not require installation. Instead, the app is containedin the file so that it does not interfere with the registry. Deleting is like deleting a file. This makes DeLuxe Task Manager a great program for USB drives to diagnose problems for installation on different computers.

As an action, we are struck by the fact that DeLuxe Task Manager can find registry entries for programs,which we remove. There are many customization options, and PerformanceTab gives you a lot of information about the performance of your system. In addition, you can view detailed system and task information to diagnose mistaken software.

totalTask ​​Manager DeLuxe isAn easy-to-use and feature-rich alternative to the standard Windows Task Manager. If you frequently have problems with your PC, this program is mandatory.


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Mathworks MATLAB R2017b Windows 7/8/10 download

Mathworks MATLAB R2017b

Mathworks MATLAB R2017b

For additional tutorials and Win-Mac software, you must make a visit

Software version: R2017b ()


Platform: x64 (64 bit)


Medicine: Ready series (reg-file)

System requirements: Windows 10 Windows 7 Windows 7 with the packageUpdates 1 Processors Each Intel or AMD x86-64 Polyspace processor is recommended to use 4 cores. 2 GB disk space for MATLAB, 4-6 GB for 2 GB conventional Simulink RAM, 4 GB recommended. In polisproject, we recommend using 4 GB per kernel.

No special video card required.

Recommendeduse an accelerated OpenGL graphics card with 1GB of RAM.

Description: MATLAB (“Matrix Laboratory”) is a software package for technical problems and programming languages ​​with the same name as in this package. Using MATLAB, madeMathWorks, you can easily performmatrix calculations, visualize mathematical functions and experimental data, implement algorithms, solve graphical ecological interface for specific tasks and interact with other languages ​​for creation of programs and programs using special interfaces

MathworksMatlab R2015a (64-bit) –

MATLAB is a high-level language and an interactive environment used by millions of engineers and scientists around the world. It allows you to explore and visualize ideas and collaborate with disciplines, including signal and image processing, communication,operating systems and computer financing.

Bring your ideas into action

You can use MATLAB in projects such as simulating energy consumption for building intelligent electrical networks, developing algorithms for managing hypersonic aircraft, analyzingmeteorological data to visualize the path and intensity of hurricanes and launch millions of simulations to determine the optimal dosage for the determination of antibiotics.

New features by version

R2015a (version) – Released March 5, 2015

Many new features in the MATLAB R2015a combine capabilitiesR2014b, including major data enhancements, new hardware support and integrated documentation for their own tools. Explore the following: function for more information.

New features, bug fixes, compatibility considerations


Documentation:Integrate documentation for your own toolkits in the MATLAB Help browser

Documentation: Determine when the function was introduced

Limit size of the matrix: limitmaximal size of the array to prevent the unintentional formation of very large matrices

Complete the tab: fullclass of properties and methods when editing class definition files

Custom UI: User Interface for Language Verification

Language and programming

Repeat function: repeat copies of array elements to create a larger array

sort function:now stores the form of a series of lines of input

Isenum Function: Determine whether the migration is being recalculated

milliseconds Function: conversion in milliseconds

Posting markup: Record external file contents

fullfile Function: supports all two-point characters

ObjectsPython: indexing support

Python version: MATLAB support

MATLAB Engine for Python: startup support

MATLAB Engine for Python: Unicode support in Python

Convert array arrays to Java sequences: save null characters

Web Services WSDL Documents: Restrictions

Unified testing system: tag for categorizationandchoice

Module for testing modules: perform parallel tests

Unique test system: separate variables between tests in scripts

Structural Test Scheme: Use ready-made control devices

Some Trials: Compare Objects with Equal

SomeTest: Use homogeneous expected causes with Throws restrictions

Git Integrated Source Control: View branch information and remove branches

Matrix Library C: New Features

Functionality has been removed or changed


discardFunction: A group of numeric data in cells or categories

Descriptive statistics: decrease of NaN values ​​in the basic statistical calculations, including max, minimum, mean, median, sum, var, std and cov

nimbertol and unikytol. Functions: Perform a comparison with the establishment of tolerance

Randomnumbers: generate random numbers using dual precision, SIMD-oriented Fast Mersenne Twister algorithm (dSFMT)

The closest function “South” is the definition of the nearest boundary point alphaShape

Functionality was deleted or changed

Import and export data

Datastore: Read the full storyfile with ‘file’ parameter for ReadSize property

Datastore: read data in parallel with the data temple using Parallel ComputingToolbox’s partition function

Webwrite Function: Send data to RESTful web services using the HTTP POST method

Web Magazine and Web Feature. Functions: Request data from REST web services usingHTTP POST method

xlsread and readtable features: reading large Excel spreadsheet files

scan text and read. Functions: Returns sequential results when reading a quotation.

Library with scientific files: update

Functionality was deleted eitherchanged


Selection function: Improved animation cycle performance with the new option

Functionality has been removed or changed


MapReduce: MapReduce algorithms for running on a cluster of computers that combine the MATLAB distributed computing server to support the parallel.

interpolationfunctions perform faster calculations with multithreaded ones

Hardware support

IP Camera: Buy videos directly from Internet Protocol cameras

BeagleBone Black Hardware: access to BeagleBone Black with support for the MATLAB package for BlackBerry equipment BeagleBone

Arduino equipment: access to Arduino Leonardo and othersMATLAB support cards for Arduino equipment

Arduino Equipment: New Pinsetter Feature

functionality delete or change


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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Download Free Torrent

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is about the best platforms for this wonderful sport. In the latest version offers several opportunities for new players, and games in the competitions. And he must choose between two options. These are the ones who have the Bible and making the standard of the complements Premium. And it will be launched in 2018.

Key features and playback capabilities

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is available in a 17 idiomas.Hai options available to many users are also available multi-user (Painful need for such high-speedInternet connection). In order for the players to overcome Barcelona (FCB), so that players like Lionel Messi and graphics that are associated with this version much more spectacular than the prior variations. , Konami Digital Entertainment, as brought forth, and it is truly amazing range of users will be able to make a break.


This can be kept public. Some also choose to participate in a program called Myclub.Haec provides bonuses as talented actors and performers (ideal for hire others). The gameplay is typicalcompatible with computers, the PlayStation series of Xbox One.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is the latest version of the famous football game, Konami on Windows. FOOT ProAínda Evoultion 2013 which is similar to 2012, also includes some subtle changes in order to improve the game graphics.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is a football simulation that manualludum than the previous version for some items are located on the roman style may have actually been inspired by Fifa 12, 2012, that nothing is wrong.


Governmentsystem was revised so quite restrictive Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, Konami Developer calls 2012 a new system of government FullControl hip. There is a touch of dynamic that allows the player to catch the ball using the R2 button to get an immediate power.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 offers the height of each of the power of undando manualprimum the occasion of a change in the game is the file CNN. FullControl improves a football player to increase the speed limit and control the player itself through the R2 value.

pro EvolutionThe controller of news FullControl 2013 relay system provides more to delight fans of the game experience, and a certain PES. However, beginners can play the game and play.

the screen prioremversio for the commander’s only, but not also be put here, and it feels a bit, however. As explained above, the changes to the game of war it was very cold for that box in the corner in the car talking about the instructions on screen.

2013 relay for the easy score. For example, you receive the benefit of it can make persistent efforts in respect of otherdefensive ball / chip time forever.


The players themselves to the game, because the image of a better ProEvolution 2013 agererealem no, that life of counterparts, and the developers have called a reason, playerID. The player to run it is well known, the rods, traps, and laid hold upon move the ball in real life.

Because the pictures are similar to the player, PES 2013 soccer as close as possible to the text. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 FIFA 12 better graphics are fantastic enough. clothes and shoes.

Evolution Soccer 2013animation for the citizens of enthusiasm for animation, unfortunately, is out of place. playersJupiter as they feel, the purpose of a real eliminators to be foolish, and ridiculous. In fact, it was thought better to their ancestors may not work when actually does more harm than ever.

Impact of any of the live 2013Player of gravity is taken; stamps may be moved aside (free). However, FIFA engine even after scene animation.


Which was the son; Pes in 2012 will be slightly changes were made to reduce It QuoPRAEGRESSUS2013 relay, but it will be enough to improve the game.

2013 relay ProEvolution to be the best soccer sensation. It is away from the game because it gives the power which the more and more with.


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Free FLV Player x86 x64 Torrent

Free FLV Player

Free FLV Player

If you’re looking for alternatives to the main playback packages like Windows Media Player, this free FLV player is a great way. The software is comparable to its traditional counterpart, but it can support so many types. File Download takes only a few minutes and can be set as default media player for your operating system after installation.

Take a closer look at the features and functions

These free FLV players can differ in support of other formats Some of them include AVIMPEG DivX WMV and MP4. Therefore, you may not need to install third-party codecs to enjoy audio or video. You can view the video in full screen mode, or resize the player to a particular window. It has very efficient board playback and file options are all easy to find. That’s great if you do not have much experience with other media packages. It’s free. The FLV player is over megabytes. This is comparable to less than other standard software platformswhich is currently on the market.


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