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Chicken Invaders 3

Chicken Invaders 3

Chicken Invaders 3 is a game that offers great change to old favorites. Foreign poultry invades the Earth, and it is up to the player to take a spaceship and hit the chicken with problems with the deli counter. But beware of bombardment of dead eggs!

A classic game you did not see

Each game feels at home with Chicken Invaders 3, which is a real game of middle class. But it also bringsthe game of a series of new additions to the well-known formula. Fighting With huge bosses, it creates new weapons and goes on unique new threats such as glittering meteorite or crazy giant cocks.

If you are a player with a good mood, this is the game for you. You can spend hours of entertainment zapping away in your world cartoon, fighting chickens aimed at overcoming the Earth. But be careful oflast threat: the UFO Chicken!

Chicken Invaders 5 is a fascinating shooting game where hordes of intergalactic creators make the Truth, the only way to save our precious land! With smart graphics and amazing animations, space-based formatting has never been fun.

Climb your ship to get rid of the intruders

Chicken Invaders5 places the cabin in its spaceship, atone time when the alien chicken entered the Earth. This game is usually a high octane shot game with a beautiful cartoon twist. Actual action can be extremely intense, so up to 200 chicks can be applied at the same time. In addition to simply defending the planet, players can travel to 12 distinct star systems to combat intergalactic hens. Co-operative mode allows up to3 other players to help you clear the invaders. There are other recruiting missions to include, as well as a comprehensive upgrade of scalavan weapons and unlockable secrets.

Powerful shooting action

Chicken Invaders 5 is a fun and unleashing action game, where the goal is to identify golf after wave of feathered invaders. There are many epic quarrels to fight, and they are especially fun playing with a friendor two. It is brilliant, furious and very funny, with colorful graphics and a unique soundtrack orchestra.