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The company was incorporated with the objective of manufacturing bio-pharmaceuticals and biochemical used in the synthesis of API’s.

The manufacturing site is located at AFC Industrial Park, Uttar Shoilmary, Koiya Bazar, Batiaghata, which is 7 km far from Zero point, Khulna. The manufacturing site measuring 3 acres in area hosts production block and ancillary buildings. The buildings have been designed and constructed to meet the latest GMP norms and guidelines. It is a place where good number of industries have been already developed & surrounded by lot of industries. The company has set up a fermentation plant. The site is enjoying infrastructure facility like electricity, gas, water, and skilled labor 7 good road communications. Bangladesh has an agrarian economy with 25% of GDP coming from the agricultural, forestry & fisheries. Major GDP is coming from industry.

The company has developed a technical team with rich experience in the fields of Chemical, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Organic and Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Sciences.

The company aspires to establish itself as a leading manufacturer of agro based bio-pharmaceuticals and bio-chemicals product.


About Us


Using locally available agricultural outputs such as corn starch, potato starch, molasses, AFCABL aims to produce various products that are very important for the pharma, food, textile sectors. Thus this manufacturing will save a lot of foreign currencies and create new plenty of white-collar jobs. AFCABL will create a positive high impact on the national economy.

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Tanaka Tower (2nd Floor) 42/1/Gha, Segun Bagicha, Dhaka.
Fax: 088-02-7121348