Mission & Vision

Our Mission…

Our mission is to lead the API sector towards achieving its vision by bringing together all relevant stakeholders in the State, namely industry, government, research community and the public at large to effectively communicate the unique attractiveness of this country as a leading location for the supply and development of such products.

Our Vision…

With the support of industry, Bangladesh will position itself as a recognized centre of excellence for innovation and development in agro based pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and chemical supply, thereby becoming the location of choice for the launch of new products.


Using locally available agricultural outputs such as corn starch, potato starch, molasses, AFCABL aims to produce various products that are very important for the pharma, food, textile sectors. Thus this manufacturing will save a lot of foreign currencies and create new plenty of white-collar jobs. AFCABL will create a positive high impact on the national economy.

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