Nature of Industry

Nature of Industry…

  • This project will serve as backward linked manufacturing facility to Active Fine Chemicals Ltd.
  • For raw materials smooth supply chain management, AFC is taking this initiative to manufacture those raw materials which are being imported now. So, this kind of company saves a lot of currency.
  • AFC Agro Biotech will produce its products using locally available raw materials, such as molasses, starch, and glucose. Bi-products of these manufacturing process are used for various purpose such as animal nutrition, high value bio-fertilizer etc.
  • AFC Agro Biotech will also produce goods for agricultural sector. Animal nutritional products such as various amino acids and food supplements will be manufactured in this facility. Currently these products are being imported.
  • AFC Agro Biotech is expecting a great export potential of these products.
  • AFC Biotech will manufacture anti cancer and immune suppressive drugs (which originates from biotechnology) in near future.
  • It will be one of its kinds of manufacturing units in Bangladesh.
  • A project of this nature is critically needed for Bangladesh to develop its own drugs and therapeutic materials. AFC Biotechnology aims to be the pioneer in this field.


Using locally available agricultural outputs such as corn starch, potato starch, molasses, AFCABL aims to produce various products that are very important for the pharma, food, textile sectors. Thus this manufacturing will save a lot of foreign currencies and create new plenty of white-collar jobs. AFCABL will create a positive high impact on the national economy.

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