FIFA 18 Demo download

FIFA 18 Demo

FIFA 18 Demo


FIFA 18, we believe the victims. FIFA 18 looks decent

game, but it’s not easy to look bad. Unfortunately,

providing decent “is not enough. We were promised a revolution, but

we are a small step forward in FIFA 17.

What is new in the demo?

FIFA 18 new features. New cross-systemgeemeer freedom to pass the ball, Cristiano Ronaldowedi participation through their skills and techniques in gulnimets communication, some players act like they do in real life and as a cherry on the top, we have a very different vermydingstelsel.

In the demo, I presented a combination of all these innovations to a much greaterphysical and tactical game than ever. The most obvious is the extent to which each player is unique. For example, the sides and Bakayoko allocated Chelsea. One of the most obvious changes in the game are now pressing uncomfortable clicking on a button in order to successfully abaranits.Akramya, you will be severely punished if you make mistakes when trying to regain possession of the ball.

The problem is that we are doing something new was a FIFA 17 demo then Journey was released. Yes, FIFA 18 is more beautiful, more tactical and more physical, but very fewandersja. EA Sports is not a revolution, which he asked not to his trailer and marketing campaigns. In addition, they are tired, to say that many FIFA 17 challenges, such as external and II of unlawful conduct, is still present when the EA does not even know that they exist.

other news

In the case ofFIFA 18 Ultimate Team, when the full game is released, you will hĂȘLegendes Nazarov like Ronaldo, Diego Maradona, Pele or Ronaldhino available. Haunch represent them at different times of their iconic career in football. Daily and weekly goals also added.

Taith return from hoofbegeleier Hunter. Thus, wehave star players, even participation in etapaha Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry, James Harden … Company gestruktureer.Nou shorter goals, you can set up Alex and even other secondary characters put through a mini-companies that will unlock as you proceed.

Graphically, FIFA 18 has improved significantly.Verge realistic beans, movement is more fluid and the stadium for more information. If you are down as in real football, evaluate, give FIFA always what you want.


Zahaplyalnaga.Nichoga nothing revolutionary. Just decent. Is a word that every timewe think of the demo FIFA 18. For the large increase that PES does every year, and PES 2018 is no exception, is “worthy” is not enough. We believe that the virtual football fans feel the same way.