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Five Nights at Freddys 2

Five Nights at Freddys 2

If you do not die from a heart attack while playing Freddie’s Five Nights, get ready for a horrible observation that will bring the world more unhealthy to the rest, as a night watchman. If you think the scary jump in the first game is bad, wait until you play five nights at Freddy 2.

Return to work

As in the first game, five nights at Freddie 2 indicate that you consider the role of a security guard in a restaurant throughout the week. There are 7 pairs to complete in full game(first of all, with newspapers), but in the demo you can only play one night.

You are placed in the control room in the same way as the previous version. You have to use a security camera to monitor the animated races and make sure they are not in your office and do not dare. At this time, there is no door to store them, which initially interfere.

Instead, you have the Friedie Fazbar mask, which you must beat and quickly place when one of the creatures closes. This will avoidThey’re upset because they’ll think it’s one of them. You also have a flashlight that allows you to see the corridor to see what can happen.

I was afraid that night

A total of 11 characters to make the deposit, and without the convenience of sealing, feels more vulnerable five nights at Freddie 2. Scanning the surveillance cameras is quite simple, but you must pass the mask quickly if you want to survive. So the game is more complicated than the first five nights of Freddie and you really need ityour intelligence if you want to avoid scary, which, by chance, will make you scream more than ever.

In addition to the new character and mechanics of masks, five nights at Freddy 2 add new features, where you can customize the 10 animatorroncycles that allow you to adjust the level of difficulty. Increasing these values ​​to the maximum for all basically does not give you the opportunity to complete your changes when the face is still stuck in the head.

Make sure the requirements are

The fifthFreddy 2’s night did not improve in the first game, and his style was very strong. 3D graphics are not very complicated, but there are no practical animations, but it’s good that I’m not really the real matrix, so it adds to the attraction of the game’s charm.

One of the first things drawn by Pepinan was terrible, there were sound effects, and fortunately five nights at Freddie 2 will also prevail in this area. From the sound mixer to the chambers of the chimeric chamber, which are designed tobe installed on the edge – and that’s happened. My special disadvantage is that sepertinyabermain music forever, build the speed and duration of each cycle.

Play dare

Although the surface does not seem to be an update of the first version, the gameplay is very different from what to create Night at 2 berman.Berhati Freddie careful, however, is heavier than its predecessor, and go scared when leaning on the ground like a boy