Five Nights at Freddys: Sister Location x86 Download Torrent

Five Nights at Freddys: Sister Location

Five Nights at Freddys: Sister Location

Five nights in Freddie’s hit an independent game that not only created several fans, but also created waves for computers and mobile phones with a unique game and real fears.

During the game, four heirs were created, each adding something new, but now the fifth is on the horizonand this time we have an exciting subtitle: Sister Location. Prepare for awesome characters to keep up with new awesome non-scouts.

What can you expect from your sister’s place?

For those who enter only the gameFeat nights start on Freddie, the game is surprisingly simple.Like all good studio for small games, it deals with interesting mechanics, not with innovative graphics or with big brands.

You play like a nightclub in the kids restaurant with an animated bears bear, Freddie Fasbers Pizza. These natural creatures sing and dance for children, but at nightare very dark. They slip through the restaurant, killing them in their hearts. You think it will be easy to avoid them, but you know the energy supply Do not look at all the cameras and do all the doors at the same time. Sooner or later, one will pass through the infamous terror of FNaF!

Firstlook at Freddie’s new face

This game looks like a continuation of popular mechanics, based on the first flash on the HUD screen. The name of the game points to a second restaurant or other place on the theme, but creator Scott Cawthon is undoubtedly a genius in the sleeve.

The other five nights in Freddiegames enjoy the closeness of hidden secrets and hints, and build news news.and the game. There is even a book and talk about the film, so it’s likely that Sister Location will fall into the plot and develop Freddie’s world.

Graphic, films that have so far appeared show an increaseof complexity and artistic quality. It’s hard to say in a game that’s so damaging, but it seems that animatorics increases the number of polygons as before. The atmosphere of tension and darkness is still in place, playing with classical trophies, like flashing monitors and awesomecharacters.

In fact, this installment is to set up a new animated killer based on a clown girl whose identity and relationship with Freddie is unknown. Maybe the sister is at work, but one thing is certain – she is not your friend.

Fold or break for franchise

With four titles and already released RPG, the new oneFive Nights at Freddys may seem exaggerated. The game will have to introduce new mechanics and characters to make things interesting, so Freddie fans will definitely have fun with this title.

Because these games are usually short, you may find that Sister Location is the newestepisode game. I hope this episode will keep the series alive and not. They will only emphasize how the idea is repeated.