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Google Input Tools

Google Input Tools

Google Input Tools is a tool that lets you create virtual keyboard layouts in different languages.

Personal and configurable

Google Input Tools are available on many platforms and devices, including Android devices, as well as Windows, Chrome, and other Google services. The tool supports over 80 languages ​​and can be talked almost every day, whenever you want, at work, at home or elsewhere. The tool is used to write text without translation.Input tools Google translates changes and maintains a custom dictionary that lets you register unregistered or new names and words after you enter them. As a result, you can send a message in your preferred style.

Set up

expanding the settings is easy and fast. The configuration should take some time, like other extensions, if not smaller. The real time depends on the preferred keyboards and input methods selected from the available options. Tostart writing in your preferred language, just click the darius icon, select the input / input method and enter. Depending on your choice, you can enter using a virtual keyboard, draw a field that recognizes handwriting, or simply type in English and choose the correct word from the suggestions. People using different languages ​​on the Internet consider this extension to save time.