Greenshot 1.1 64 Bit Portable torrent

Greenshot 1.1

Greenshot 1.1

GreenShot offer truly effective and convenient way to separate captured screenshots consumption. This is another way in which events of the four main hotkey combinations to image the thing you want to take. It is: “Vert to capture and share”, “Shift + Vert” for the country, “Alt + Print” window and recording actively “Control + Impr” select the full screen capture.

Namely, that the region known GreenShot graduated developer goes green graduation time. ondgwrando the sounds of space Loremdie where the image was captured.When you take a shot, you can arrows and signs, gangs, etc. is also possible to add the living room of a particular form of JPEG, BMP, GIF and PNG programming. We can save directly to the clipboard or send to introduce the bill takes the printer.

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