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It 2017

It 2017

In Derry, Maine, face to face with seven people in the form of the transfer, which is an evil clown that drives children in the form of dealing. In the city of Derry, it’s one of its children, one of them disappearing, leaving a bloody waste. “Steppe”, known as a group of seven children to obedinenyim in a place to overwhelm the terrible and clown of the evil clown and their determination.

After the local children begin to disappear after each other in Derry, Maine, if there are seven children in the town, the club gubitniciDa come togetherKnown as a solution to this problem. They have a wheel klovnamnazyvaetstsa a Pennywise, whose history is back in times of raiding and rape dating back in centuries. After the last meeting in Pennywise after 27 years, the child begins to disappear again, so that the group were together once again with the devil and all stopped, when he returned to his home country.

Language: English

Classification: Not available

General Publication date: September 72017

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Duration: Not available


Protagonist: Bill Skarsrd, pressed Lieber, Finn Volfhard Dzhek Dillon Grajzer, Wyatt Olefin

Director: Andres Mushietti

Format: 2D