Laughingbird The Logo Creator 7 FastDL download

Laughingbird The Logo Creator 7

Laughingbird The Logo Creator 7

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Introduction to Laughingbird Logo Creator – a program designed to create a variety of impressive logos. To create a logo, this program already has a different weight of the template. In addition, the program supports importa large number of graphic formats. Learn more about the program and download the Laughingbird Logo Creator, perhaps less.

The program is simple: choose one of the many templates for all that changes the heart’s desire (choose from various elements that are guaranteed or import your photos).Radhanya complicates the absence of the Russian language in it. Main functions: – undo and redo the last 60 actions – change the size, rotate and change the transparency of each element – shadow effects, 3D effects and mirrors – shadows, ups, strokes and field changes – writing circles- import images and textures in the background color or transparent back panel – support for working with group elements – supports radical text: change of color, size, font, distance between characters, etc. This program is useful as a web designer for creating a logosite, as well as to create video for video or business card. There are about 200 ready-made templates and more than 300 graphic elements are completed, there is a place for creativity and much more. Export export logos can be in different image formats. Here is a good program, download,develop and use, if you want, have fun in creating your own logo.

How to install:

1-Disable the Internet or use a firewall to block all outbound links from the Creator Creator software.

2 – Install the full repackaging as an administrator.

3- Copy the “Laughingbird Document” folder in the document (Computer / your document in the library).

– It’s a pleasure

Developer: Laughingbird Software

License: ShareVare (license)


Size: MB

OS: Windows

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