Medal of Honor: Allied Assault x64-x86 Curly download

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Medal of Honor: Allied attack is the standard for first person shooters. The threat of famine in the 1940s is still remembered; Apparently the Allied victory, with some majeure strength, is a big part of heroic action. This game continues as a Second World War.


Medal of Honor: Allied Murder, Lieutenant RangersMike Powell US Army is involved. After finding SAS operatives, Mazor Grillo was involved in dangerous dangerous situations in the War Theater, such as Algiers and Norway.The last fight took place on the beaches of Normandy, with a landing on D-Day. War wars in the Second World War played a major role in the game series. All weapons, uniforms, planes and all equipment are regenerated to help players who wage war. In addition to single player plots, multiplayer games, for example, all players marked free.

World War II Best World War II shooter

Medal of Honor: The Assault of Allies is the best game of this genre for real accuracy. Agame to deal with this problem, where it can be criticized by unrestricted jingoises, since then, the use of real combat in detail and its use. They were forced to lead the war.