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PES 2014

PES 2014

PES 2014 will take part, this time by focusing on the game. New graphics engine, better animation and a great atmosphere are key to highlighting this issue.

(Function () {(“Table of Application Reviews page ‘);}); League, cup, game, and multi-linePro Evolution Soccer, which has a downloadable patch, offers several game mods: Tournament – game with challenging AI or friends.

zhytstsoFutbol- Independence in Championship Allows you to play online and offline. Create your own team, manage contracts, buy and sell players, and team leadyour to glory. With these new features, you can now become the manager of this state. Basically, gamehas structure is easy to improve usability.

Become a legend – Take a single player and monitor their progress through an excellent career. In this mode, you can select players for bytspershy, for example,to make it better at the gateway, your team member, and to issue foryourdefense directions as Buffon or Casillas.

Competition – Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 restores the modes of the tournament, which is not in PES 2013. In addition, you can play Championship mode, which you can adjust to your liking, or to play online games. As always, you can play in the Champions League, Europa League, Copa Libertadores and, this year, league championAziyatskiya (allthe game has an official license). On the other hand, a huge gap exists in various teams due to small agreements, including Britain and Germany, where Konami does not get the right (named Chelsea FC London City is ManBlue, and many Germans are not entirely out of the game).

Exercise – exercise is a great way to hone your technical skills. This module has tutorials divided into 5 levels. This explains padruchnikdobra and familiarize you withgame movement, special moves and more. You can also train corner kicks, free kicks and penalties. Download downloads, you will gain power and move to do in the right conditions of the game, rest is useful for use at any time except! PES menu 2014 is not right, but from usability, it is a step back from the modern and new FIFA 14.

the freedom of movement in the field gamePES PES 2014 does not have anySerious shock. The key innovation is TrueBall Tech: with better controlofs than analog sticks, you can stop or control the ball through 360 degrees. Surprising realism and freedom of movement in PES. This has resulted in better ball physics results, which means no more annoying bowling balls together the same year. Also do not increase the furnace arethe, causing more fluid and nadeynym.Tryvalasts, weight and physical strength of players can affectresults or shoulder impact to the shoulder of the dispute between the players.Manuver is more logical at this time; favorsteam and play rate slower than in previous years. moreover to steal the ball from the player and get it behind the goal. Now, you need to review the player’s position on the field and get the right to use theater entertainer to take a shot in the goal. Leaving PES 2014 is a sharp reversal of past games, where they are re-accesible.Cross has been calibrated in a manual more than ever before, while kicks are more reliable, though some tracks look a little bit steering.The Goalkeepers are improving, as they have exceptionally good animation and exceptional rescue. In order to get out of the ball and convince the cross even slow goalkeeper and adsutnastsreaktyvatsyi when the attacker faces the poor (Y button on Xbox joystick). Home intelligence is one of the main events of PES 2014.The player is processed by the processor and is more uncertain, working with the team and, inferior, can adopt the power of the picture. It’s you to keep silent. There are 6 difficulty levels to choose for AI. But playing well in PES 2014 also requires a strategy that fits your team. roznydrama is more limited than FIFA, but the great editor creates this weakness, allowing you to create several modules.

Gameclimate is a great new graph of the common FoxPES 2014 works fine. All the information has been taken into account, and the Keyang physical equality to real virtual gamers is impressive (but only for the notorious, not so famous roughly around the edges). Greate’s attention has been paid to every stage of production, with detailed information on the perfect choreography and all the leaders of the banners unique team. Even though this upgrade, the engine still needs to be done: we have seen the frames falling occasionally, even though it does not affectto experience the game.In addition, there is no rain or snow, which can not be explained. This does not happen, but it is unusual for the hotel’s game caliber. Another new feature for PES 2014 is almost no binary-entry: the player is now moving with freedom and previous bezramki. The sound effect that has been set may be the best elements of PES 2014. Audience is the 12th player in the field, supporting teams with bang, galvanizingevery at risk,whistling and demanding atopponents branded into goals, especially in the competition problematic In short, the Nikkei can create something from which the video player is actually emotionally involved. The new era of EF Evolution Soccer, is erynovy dawn. This edition is totally free of the game: more troops, better player controls, revised, realistic, physicized ball physics and deal with a variety of features that enhance game experience. So, finallywill hit FIFA PES 2014? One word -; EAsimulator is still a king, but it is, of course, to reduce the gap and now Konami is a leading champion. A viable alternative is to create a fun game that allows players to position themselves not on the same stadyoneyaki as soccer matches, the rest. The Fox engine, though still a bit rough around the edges and is very important in the revival of the franchise. Konami, of course, one stepbig in the right direction: the name of the simulation, which has been improved, is a lot of excitement of all genre purifiers.