Pocket Tanks X 0 Torrent Download

Pocket Tanks X 0

Pocket Tanks X 0

Pocket Tanks is an artillery game is very fast and incredibly fun. This is a battle between two tanks, the goal of which is to destroy the enemy with firepower or bury burning the surrounding landscape. This strategy game is simple and easy to recognize and easy to play at any time.

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You can choose among more than 100 types of zbroigeta another aspect of Pocket Tanks fun. Putting his ability to conduct fire requiresSimplemente action choosing angle power control and press fire. Players can collect funds under the landscape they provideShelter enemy fire. There is a practice regime that includes the goal is to be your main textbook. Before each battle, choose your arsenal of weapons and tools from the store where you can find a wide selection of vyalikinapadayuchyya like missile launches and cruise.

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Pocket Tanks is one of the games that can instantly enjoy friends. It takes very little time to learn your simple style and is ready to control focused fire. A fun and easy time killer, ideal for one or more players to enjoy.