QBittorrent 3.0 torrent download

QBittorrent 3.0

QBittorrent 3.0

Light QBittorrent light BitTorrent client reminding us of Utorrent, because the design is clean and easy to use.

With qBittorrent you can manage all types of content. This program includes a built-in search engine support for RSS’s main database rain, food, and E-Torrent partners, among other features. Also compatible with UPnP / NAT-PMP and more.

The best thing in qBittorrent is simplicity. You do not need to configure settingsAbozapustsits setting wizard to get to work. Just run an application and be prepared to run it. Tools without additional plug-ins integrated into search engines.

QBittorrent has other interesting features, such as support for tagging to organize files, to disable the computer after the download is completed, and an interactive website that allows you to manage outgoing downloads.

QBittorrent is easy, clean, easy to use BitTorrent Zuse subscriber you expectOf a high quality app.


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BitTorrent subscribers for official eponymous protocols, peer peers, and it’s easy and full of opportunities.

Download any file type

BitTorrentThe search engine for searching filesyou can also use Bit Che as well, and it includesRSS, technology, which isused to warn users for the presence of new torrent online. For each oil, this program shows the entire load of seed data andinformation of friends and sensors, as well as download and download speed tables.

BitTorrent not only downloads usedfor files (movies, games, documents, videos, music andother MP3s of non-copyrighted material), but also for sharingthem, a new title will be created.

BitTorrent has many features borrowed fromOther Utorrent, including:

Accurate and configurableinterface

Intuitive interface, Total and modern design. In the main screen you can see theactive and inactive trends and unfinished downloads and can toaccess varyyantavmenyu where you can set parameters at the bottom of BitTorrent.

Strong software and part of thebest ofP2P

Utorrent like BitTorrent, is one of the most popular parts of software to share files. It uses a little source, noInterfere with your computer, and rarely freeze.

Finally, it is ideal for those who are looking for high quality torrent users veryconfigurable and it can be used ForFree P2Pdownloads.


BitTorrent versions of changes such as: shifter, streaming, Minor changes in user interface, Health device size (complex from “free”, but interface) Players are created, access to remote controls, and other improvements. All this was established upon request made and, While maintaining its sizeData products are almost the same!