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The Cured 2018

The Cured 2018

CuredEurope has been suffering from a virus for six months, turning people into monsters that look like zombies. In the end, a drug is found, but he has an unforeseen enemy: the past. Those who are healed are still being followed with memories of their actions when they are infected. In the meantime, the human race for the restoration of health for society, because many are still afraid of them.

English language

Subtitle:N / A

Classification: NA

The release date is April 19, 2018.

Genre: Horror

Working time: not available

Dealer: TGV photos

Performers: Ellen Page, Sam Keely and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor

Director: David Freyn

Format: 2D

In this futuristic thriller Liam Neeson plays his insurance agent Michael in his everyday life, which quickly becomes routine. After the contact with the mysterious stranger, Michael is forced to keep the identity of the hidden passenger in his train until the lastTo uncover station. If you work over time to solve the puzzle, he realizes that the deadly plan is evolving and creating involuntary criminal conspiracy. He who carries life and death in himself and his brothers.