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The House 2017

The House 2017

After Scott and Kate Johansen (Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler) Alexs lose their faculty fund, they desperate to recover it so he could pursue his dream of attending a university. With the help of his neighbor Frank (Jason Mantzoukas), they decided to start an illegal casino in their house.

After college scholarships university city, daughter, mother and father an illegal casino at a friend’s house to return the money. After a negotiation city programnie more funds, duaIbu father left simpleTo send their daughters college. Leave no choice, they were accompanied by a friend, started making an illegal casino in the home of a money ends for the summer.

Haunted house the young couple wanted to go to Thailand for adventure. When they arrived, they had no knowledge of the Spirit House. Now they are amazed by the spirit of wanting them to learn a lesson.



Release kroniekAlgemene: August 3, 2017

Genre: Terror

BerjalanMasa: Not available

Distributor: RainfilmBV



Format: 2D