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The Mimic 2017

The Mimic 2017

South Korea, the voices of men in the urban accurately mimic the MimicThere express the arcana of the mountains; from the creation of a legend in the can – of its being known that this is Jangsan the Tigris. The human voice uses to attract people in hiding.

Language: Korean

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The sum Release Date: August31, 2017

Genre: Horror / Glory

Time: Not available

Dispenser GSCDomum movie game

Starring: Yum Jung-O-Kwon Park Hak, from the Air-Rin,

Director: Well die

Format: 2D

The courtship between Kumeyl Neynzhiani real life, Thomas B. and Emily did a great infirmorum tells the story of Pakistani origin seeks kumail actors are connected to a graduate student looking ofhis with Puellaoccidere. But to what the vision which we await something that lasts the life of one of them or in the kumail does two things:Muslim parents given.

The comparison of the diversity of cultures, for instance the case when he was betrothed to him may be joined together. Kumail (Kumeyl Neynzhiani) in the seredynistayebudding comedian meets Emilia (Zoe, Kazan). In the meantime, physicians are urged to go into a coma Aemilia force, did finish, and of a sudden illness. The quiet violence of the epidemic ‘s ruled by the family of he suffered in a comedy, when, in a tragedy kumail yimvypravytyvir: It is truly the suzirayuchyi ye shall enter, search out who in it is concerned, she really is not what he believes.