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The Nut Job 2:

The Nut Job 2:

After the events of the first movie, Thomas and his friends stopped the mayor of Oakton to destroy their homes to make way for an amusement park abnormal. Thomas and his friends, friends, Andy and found that the mayor Oakton decoding loved to make a huge amusement park a lot of shabby, what the bullshit their houses, the park area, and it adds them and the rest of the fleet, the mayor stops , With his daughter and the management of his employees, to abandon with their systems, and toBack to the park.

High protein content (Will Arnett) and the gang returned. Weapon in Oakton Evil Mayor who decides to shoot Freedom Park and build fun parks in the dangerous place. Schoolgroups and comrades are co-starring orchestra to save their home, the mayor’s destruction and the standard of the park.

Fruit Job 2: Nutty NatureFollowing events of the film of the first bundle and its protein friends zhyvolyLiberty Park believes the evil mayor Oakton city plans toTheme parks build abnormally. To do this, the mayor threatened to Liberty Park. Thomas and his friends tied together to stop the mayor before he destroyed their house.

Language: English

Classification: NA

Total Release Date 10th August 2017

Genre: Animation

Running time: None

ID: TGV Photos

With: Will Arnett, Gabriel Iglesias, Dzheff Danem, Ketrin Heygl, Mayya Rudolf, Dzheki Chan

Directed by: Number Branker

Format: 2D