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The Sims 4

The Sims 4

The guys are returning to the fourth intsallment, giving you another chance to create your dream and see your virtually developed avatars. After a good wait for the Sims 3, can you make this latest interest in the series?

Sims-bag not

Sims 4 trying to change the principle of the series. ButI expect there are fewer articles to compare with other games in animal sex. Surprisingly, Art Galleri and this new version are contrary to what I expected: Instead of adding new content, the publisher decided to eliminate the game by removing many features.

There are no swimming pools, no newborns,You can not see your Sims location. The list is too long and the conclusion is clear: Electronic art has had many opportunities to add DLC to the future and articles removed from the game. This seems to me a bad way, because the game is “perfect” already sold at a price.

Loaded, but the game provides many new onesactivities that your Sims can do city or home. The types of items you can buy are already larger and original, and you can continue to many trips. However, it is urgent that your Sims videos are moving between voices and suburbs, while The Sims3 and the world are open when action is leftconstant. The good news is that there is a new portal community that allows you to share your online activity (character and construction).

Excellent interface with artificial intelligence

What a game and anxiety approach, most Sims 4 most modern. In spite of a heavy manualwhich can be caused by those who have already learned to roam, everything returns to the efficient management of the game.

A new character is created: it’s easy to make your SIM card a dream to bring the body parts of the mouse you want to change. When it comes to creating and changing your home, these items are now developingthrough open to tofautivium house.

The way Sims does it is also a lot. For the most useful system, now your characters have many languages ​​and skilled ones who care about themselves by doing a job that can meet their needs. It allows you to focus on important things and developyour talent Sims through many activities in the game.

See how camera controls are not worrying and impossible. It is not possible to switch to three dimensions, and this is a great run game that is achieved through the experience of the first three periods.

Not surprising, but it’s very good

Years after Sims 3 is expected to be legalcorrect revision for this new version. Unfortunately, the difference between The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 is unclear as it should be. Although the fantastic effects of seemingly interesting images were interesting, the graphics of this new version have already been written since its release. It’s very bad, though they arethese losses in benefits that are compatible with low-power detectors.

In order not to remove the technical feature of these new Sims, the surface level of the face is well understood. They are found in a large number of drawings, and the Sims can now go through various emotions. So, you can experience many excitingsituations that help Sims get a sense of life.

Perfect idea with DLC very little

Sims 4 is a great success. The software worked hard on the interface; The characteristic of sims and boumodusviombo features is modest and powerful. With the modified system you also need the best automationyour Sims, the newest freestyle game experience.

Unfortunately, this game is reduced to errors that are not easily ignored, especially for long-term fans. In addition to the technical disadvantage, the game is significantly eliminated compared to Sims 3, which will soon be a long series that does not take over the downloadthe content. This is a bad argument from Electric Arts, who may want to adjust his policy in the coming years if he wants to avoid leaving the followers are many.