The Sims 4 installer Download Free Torrent

The Sims 4

The Sims 4

You made. You control you in The Sims 4. Create a new Sims with big ones

personality and manifestations. Master your mind, body and heart

sims you and play with life!

Make someone you want

* Build the perfect house

* Play with life

Come and sit on your knee RLD on your grandfather and see what else you are

Contains content


Expansion package:

EP01 Finding a job

EP02 Unite

EP03 City Stay

Cat and dog EP04

Play aids:

Open RetreatGP01

GP02Day Spa

GP03 Dine Out

Vampire GP04

GP05 at home parent

Package material:

SP01 Luxury party items

SP02 Perfect terrace stuff

SP03 Cool kitchen utensils

SP04 Ghostly stuff

Video reviews SP05

Romantic garden tools SP06

SP07 Children’s room

SP08 backyard stuff

SP09 Vintage glamor stuff

SP10 Bowling Night Stuff

SP11 fitness equipment

SP12 Little things


The soul of the company

Great animal hats

The whole night

FP01 Festive holiday packages

Ozrak Grimgitara


Lots of fun!


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NOTE This is an offline version, updated to, including ALL DLC, MULTI Languages.

If you have a problem, “Origin is not working at the moment”. You can fix it as follows: put your game on the short path, for example:C: game (remote), start the game with “Run administrator name” (Remember that you have deleted AV / Firewall before deleting it). Enjoy;)

PS: When you start a game with “” or “”, you have to wait a few seconds before you load the game. (Not that nothing happens, just a slow game to perform)