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USB Show

USB Show

USB Show shows the hidden files on your USB memory stick. It is extremely useful to remove the effects of direct-access viruses, also known as short-circuit viruses or hidden viral folders that are spread via memory sticks.

detective from a hidden folder

A USB scanner scans the disks that are connected to the computer, searches for hidden folders and files and immediately detects them. It simultaneously creates Registar where the folders are located, can be viewed.

Whenyou open the USB drive from Explorer, you will see that all previously hidden files and folders are now visible. Note: not all files displayed with USB must be deleted.

Click and wait, that’s how it’s easy

USB emission is right: just select the scan disc to click on the single button that is available. Once selected, USBScanning scans the drive for invisible elements and makes them visible again.

USB show is only available in Spanish andthe English. There is no help function and the text of the interface is an abbreviation for explanation. But the task that this program carries out is so specific that it is almost time consuming – it is necessary to know more.

Handy, but this is an antivirus

USB Show is a program that complements the activity of antivirus software, but does not remove malicious software that is hidden on a memory stick. If you suspect that your USB memory ports are infected files, you need reliable antivirus softwareor use specific antivirus software such as MCShield or Amir Antivirus.