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USB Show

USB Show

The USB Show shows hidden files on your USB device. This is useful to get rid of the effects of direct-access viruses, also called fast viruses or hidden viral folders scattered over memory cards.

Hidden detective solder

Show USB displays connect to a computer,find hidden folders and files and show them instantly. At the same time, it creates a list where the found folder can be checked.

When you open the USB device from your Explorer, you see that all the hidden files and folders are already visible. Be careful: not all files detectedfrom the USB Show, must be deleted.

Just click and wait, it’s so simple

USB ShowIa easy: you just need to select a scanning disk and select the only available button. After selecting the USB Exhibition, it scans the disc to search for invisible items and will be visible again.

USBShow is available in Spanish and English only. There is no extra functionality, and the interface text is not clear. But the tasks performed by these tools are very specific, so you do not need to know anymore.

Useful, but not antivirus

USB Show is a utility that complementsantivirus activation, but does not remove hidden software hidden on memory cards. If you suspect that your USB device stores the infected file, you must use a reliable anti-virus software or a certain antivirus software such as MCShield or Amir Antivirus.