Watch Dogs Repack R G Mechanics RePack torrent

Watch Dogs Repack R G Mechanics

Watch Dogs Repack R G Mechanics

Release Notes:

Year: 2014

Types: Action (Shooter) / 3D / Third Person / Stealth

Developer: Ubisoft

Publisher: Ubisoft

Type of publication: RePack

Language of the game: Eng | vacation

Language: Eng | vacation


System requirements:

Operating System: Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows 8 (Note: We supportonly 64-bit operating systems).

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 or AMD Phenom II X4 940 @

Memory: 6 GB

Video: 1GB compatibility with DirectX 11 (NvidiaGeforceGTX 460 or AMD RadeonHD 5770)

Sound card: DirectX audio device compatible

Hard disk space: 14 GB

Game info:

Everything is connected with each other. We are dependentfrom current news

market, because they only know what’s going on

But the progress has a dark side. Every action leaves

track: every step, every stop, everything we like or dislike.

And it’s not just us. The size is embedded in digital networks.

Infrastructure The city is under controland managed through a complex system.

WWatch_DogsChick transmits central operating system (ctOS)

It contains information about all residents. And everyone who

She will go to her, take control of the city.

Aiden Pearce is a great hacker with a criminal past

whose actions caused the tragedy. Revenge forhis family

goes to war – and you with her Aiden can break

and use everything related to city information

network – all this surrounds. Access to video surveillance cameras

downloads of personal information, following people

traffic management and public transport …

Chicago has becomeyour weapon.

You have to learn how to use it.

Features of the game:

Broken city

Watch_Dogs events appear in a carefully reviewed Chicago,

whose life can be managed by a regular smartphone.

Turn the light on persecution.

Keep roads on the highway that jump from it,to break

chase place bridges around the door close in the city where

All this is the central operating system, will be your assistant.


Chicago has its own laws. Here, to respond to violence with violence,

And you have enough strength and the ability to make rules.I love you

Realistic shooting as usual – a realistic physical game gives you a chance

many representatives of this kind. Mix and pick up photos

and get into your computer to get an advantage in every situation. Local streets

They are designed to be used in such a wayown attack plan.

In the upper image, you have more than 30 types of weapons.

RACE at high speed

In this work, she participated in the studio Ubisoft Reflection –

Manufacturer of series drivers. The transition to Chicago may end

About 65 different cars. All are attentive

modeled and behaves the mostauthentic way.

Everything is under control

At Watch_Dogs, this is a completely new, specially designed one

technology you will enjoy a great graphics and authenticity

Realism, your actions affect the course of history and Russia

People and the implications of the decisions will be different

in the virtual worldlike waves in the water.


At Watch_Dogs you can not only use the operating system in the city

for your benefit, but for yourself a street.

Lower your way through a building or approach

roof for hunting for the purpose.


level of interaction, cooperation and confrontation

reaching throughnew organizational system

Connect multiplayer multiplayer single player

playing together No menu, only charge

Multiplayer shooting situation in the open world.

Connect and play ANEW

Get an unforgettable experience with an assistant

An expanding programconsole features

The innovative mobile platform allows you to stay

Connect with friends even outside the home. Watch_Dogs assistant

Applies you access to the possibility of use

The Dual Screen allows you to play anywhere and anywhere.



Contains updates

Notcut / do not change

Choice of text and voice combinations

Ability to download only the required votes


Palace palace

Signature of the picture

Breakout package

Exclusive missions

Inaccessible package

Cyberpack package

Dedsec Shadow Pack

Blume Agent Pack

Club Justive Pack

Gun R-33B